Monday, February 14, 2005

full circle...broken circle

The class went well. I found myself actually humming as I packed up my gear - corny, but I was psyched - then got a little, no, quite nervous walking to the Y, but once I was in the pool & working with people, I quit worrying & concentrated on the job at hand, and I was definitely seeing progress as I was working with people, and in teaching , that's the main thing. This is going to be a good experience for me, I think - especially doing this at the same time as teaching beginners at Sarah Lawrence & then also having pool time there.

I did realize something interesting - I'm now the assistant teacher for a rolling class in the very same pool where I first rolled - must've been in early Spring of 1999 - and I'm assisting the very guy who taught me in the first place.

Amazing how long ago that feels - so much has happened since then.

that is a very satisfying circle to discover. Taking what I've learned, and passing it along, right where I learned it in the first place.

makes me feel pretty good.

Found out about a broken circle this week too. As I'd mentioned in a post right after I got the call from the outfitter asking me if I'd be willing to help out instead of just playing, I've let my ACA Open-Water Coastal Instructor certification lapse because I wasn't teaching anywhere & it wasn't doing me much good - but this week I found out that the company where I was certified, Katabasis, has shut down except for private instruction. This makes me a little sad - I can really understand the owners' doing so (speaking from experience, owning a kayak company is a marvelous way of turning a superlative pasttime into an unbelievable amount of work) but although I've been doing more British Canoe Union programs through Atlantic Kayak Tours in Peekskill (although they run their 4-star training/exam in Naragansett Bay - that was a blast!)- I did get a lot out of the American Canoe Association IDW/ICE process & with all the teaching I'm doing this winter, it had gotten into my head that it would be fun to at least go back to Ray & Margaret for the less-high-pressure Instructor Development Workshop - that I could've done entirely for kicks.

Funny way to get one's kicks I suppose. But that's just me. Anyways, I was sort of dissappointed to find out that that's not an option any more. Ray & Margaret put on a good workshop.

Plenty of other options but sad to find that avenue closed.

Well, that's life for ya - ups and downs, ups and downs. More ups than downs this week - can't ask for more than that!

enough for now - time for bed!

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