Saturday, February 26, 2005

Go Ye Forth And Laugh. I wasn't gonna post today but dagnabbit there Muskie, this is jes' too good to not share.

(besides sitemeter sez that people actually read this today...people, just when ya think you've got 'em figured out, you don't)

Not to be bossy or anything, but since you're here, here are today's simple Frogma instructions:

1. Go here.
2. Laugh.


All doctrines should be so simple, yeah?

ps - big thanks to Guy With Same Taste in Silly Fleece Hats As Me (aka my paddling friend who coordinated the Gates walks I couldn't get to last week).

pps - wish I was better at these clever nicknames t'other bloggers are so darned good at...

ppps - if I sound a little giddy today that's cause I paddled outside & I think all the fresh air went to my la la...ok, time for Pollyana to go wash the Hudson salt out of her hair & get some sleep...

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