Thursday, February 17, 2005

update -

ok just the quickest of updates since somebody was reading this thing today...

I did hear back from the trusted former biz partner (actually there were 2 more I also trusted but this is the one who's actually still involved) and as I expected, the situation sounds better than what I initially heard last night although not as good as the automatic 2-year lease extension.

In all fairness, the person that passed on the news to me did say that there were various steps to the process of whatever they'll be doing at Pier 63, that certain things that were more likely to happen first & that that meant that there was definitely some possibility the barge could just hang for a while but that was later in the evening & I was a little rattled from other stuff). And where I got the 2-year lease thing? Well - I don't know. I do manage to intercept a lot of rumours & now I'm wondering if this was just a rumour I heard somewhere & promptly latched onto it because I really liked the concept of knowing where I'll be keeping my boats for the next 2 years. I don't know though, I really feel like someone who was actually in a position to know told me that as though it was an inarguable fact.

Of course some people have a wonderfully convincing way of making a statement as though it was an inarguable fact when it's really just something that they THINK should be an inarguable fact - as though repeating a not-entirely-factual statement enough times with enough conviction could make it be true.

Anyways - based on what I've been able to sort out it looks like there's at least another season (not that kayaking really has a season for the true kayakaholic - as anybody who's happened to find this via probably already knows, the whole point of these boats is that the Inuit used 'em for hunting in really really really cold water). And the trusted former biz partner said he'd let me know if and when he hears anything else - so with that I can at least not toss & turn & fret over this all night. Not that I would - tired after another good class & an hour & a half straight of drilling myself on my Greenland rolls (with all the teaching I haven't been practicing enough & the degradation was obvious - my Aariammilllugu was groovy, Kingumut naatillugu no problem, and YAY I'm getting pretty solid on the drill that will eventually get me to a Kingukkut tunusummillugu...but then I went and locked up on a plain old offside Kinguffik paarlallugu & actually had to go to onside - don'cha HATE in when that happens?

hee hee...ok, I'm TOTALLY cheating, I just copied all those Greenland roll names off my scoresheet/capsize manuever from last year's Hudson River Greenland Festival. For the uninitiated who are actually curious about what the HELL I'm babbling on about, you can go read the English descriptions and hear them pronounced here...oh yeah and if you want to SEE 'em video clips. Pretty cool stuff at least in my rather oddball opinion. Just think of it as Yoga-in-a-boat!

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