Thursday, February 24, 2005

Spring Peeper Song

5-minute at work between-reports posting jes’ cause I saw something that made my little amphibious heart sing for joy this morning…gotta get this out before I start annoying my co-workers with all this cheerfulness -

Hooray hooray…

I was leaving for work this morning as I do every workday, and as I was looking out the window to the courtyard I pass on the way to the lobby I noticed daffodil leaves…

La la la, spring is coming, hooray hooray, daffodils, and there are leaf buds starting up on the trees!

OK so those daffodil tips are going to be under 4 – 8 inches of snow by tomorrow morning but

La la la, spring is coming…

Pretty cool post in the looking-forward-to-spring vein over on Kayak Wisconsin – who probably doesn’t want to hear about daffodils, bet they aren’t seeing those in Wisconsin yet – there’s a link over there in the link list so I’m not messing around with HTML right now. I have a cheatsheet at home but it takes too long here at work. The boss is out being trained on a new reporting system today & so I’ve got a nice quiet day to get all caught up on my to-do list (we’re going into budget season & there’s been a lot of jumping around getting that moving…I will probably be whining some here about being overworked as we chug through the 8-week period – but I’d always rather be busy than bored).

Exuberance break over, back to work.

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