Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Barge News!

Day of my last paddle out of the barge at Pier 63. - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
My last day paddling at the barge, Sept. 2006

The barge now.

OK, it's not exactly NEW news. I've been waaaaay out of the loop since I left Pier 63, got into major disagreements with the self-appointed leaders of the sea kayak community there, and got myself kicked off the mailing list where most of the barge news had gotten cornered (still upsets me when I think about it, what a miserable few months of losing the place I thought I had had - and I'm not just talking about my storage space or water access) - but I JUST stumbled across this article, which gives a really good update.

Glad to see that there's hope for the barge to at least open for a place for people to go. Won't be quite the same, but better than the bureaucratic limbo of this year.

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