Monday, November 12, 2007

Speaking of Boats Nobody Cares About -

The other day, when I posted that gratuitous act of boat destruction (and no, Michael B, the guy was not trying to make a double, he was trying to make it fit in our dumpster - funny story!), I ended up leaving a partial explanation in the comments. Story behind that ill-fated el cheapo PVC dinghy was that somebody at the club had expressed a desire to have such a thing to play with up at Lake Sebago, right around the time the Downtown Boathouse was closing & looking to pare down their fleet. The white boat was one of theirs. The person who said they wanted it never got around to getting it up to the lake (their end of the deal), and to add to the lack of much interest to any of the sailing committee folks, all of whom have access to a pretty nice little selection of dinghies (as mentioned yesterday) - besides being a bit of a clunky big thing, really designed for the job of trying to dumb down sailing enough to make it not require much learning, it had a hole in it. Nobody cared enough to do anything with it, hence the eventual dismemberment.

Speaking of boats that no one cares about reminded me of something I've been wondering, every time I pass the Diamond Point Yacht Club - how long a small sloop has to sit alone & untended to for a roller-furling jib to get this funky little fringed effect?

Now that's sort of sad, isn't it?
That's next door at the Diamond Point Yacht Club. Wonder when that boat last got in the water.

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