Sunday, November 25, 2007

Last Plant Standing

Who'd think the delicate-looking sugar-snap pea would be the last of the lot?

The peppers lost the race between the peppers and the frost. It went below freezing on Friday night; Saturday I found the pepper plants still green, but with leaves as limp as soggy tissue.

The peas carry on, though. Didn't have the heart to rip them out today - that was OK though, because today's goal was to help put the community beds to bed. I'll finish mine some other weekend. I did take out the peppers, and the last marigold (saving the seedheads for next season), and did a terribly quick & clumsy transplant of some of the green onions to a pot, going to see if I can keep 'em going on the windowsill - but mostly just did what the garden co-chairs told me to do.

Most of the private beds have been wrapped up for the season - in some cases both literally and figuratively.

Still work to do on the club flowerbeds, but here's the gardening chair surveying her domain - she was happy with what we got done today.

And I've now had four consecutive days of being outside & enjoying it. Needed that. Been suffering from a bad case of mind-body winter dichotomy since it got cold, I think this holiday weekend had just the weather & time I needed.

The internal debate I end up carrying on with myself to get myself to go out will probably be the topic of the next post. Seems like every winter it's a little more work for mind to convince body that hibernating really isn't good for the average modern North American homo sapiens.

Thanksgiving was great, though - I was absolutely itching for a walk after dinner, so TQ and I took the dog for a good long post-dinner walk. Red beard sponges weren't my first first of the weekend - on that Thanksgiving evening ramble, we first heard, then saw, a pair of great horned owls.

What a payoff for getting outside!

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