Monday, November 19, 2007

Brooklyn Bridge Park Meeting Monday 11/26!

Updating - just to make sure it's clear, that's NEXT week Monday, the 26th.

I wonder what the New York City waterfront is going to look like in 50 years. All these waterfront parks initiatives...

The Hudson River Park is well on the way.

An East River Park downtown is in the most preliminary planning stages (and I still wish I'd been able to attend the CB1 meeting where the nut job who wants to fill in the Harlem River if they won't let him do another Battery Park City downtown was going to speak, with Marcy Behnstock, aka "the woman who stopped Westway" in the same room...),

Halfway between the two lies the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This one's contentious issue involves the luxury apartment buildings that planned as income-generators. Of course me being me, what I'm really interested in is water access there. What a great put-in that would be for journeys in the upper harbor, East River, or North River! To see where that's gone (the conservancy had some weird ideas about how to accomodate kayakers at one point, seemed to think kayaking was all Downtown Boathouse type free sitatops between a couple of piers - that's a nice thing if you can get enough people to make it work, but there are SO many more levels of human-powered boating than that going on in NYC!) I'll probably go to the meeting they're having on Monday evening. Know it's Thanksgiving week, and people are busy, but anyone interested in the future of that stretch of waterfront should try to attend!

Thanks, Tim, for the heads up!

Wanna see a few pictures of the park in question, at least as it was a couple of years ago? Here's a post from a gorgeous December day when Pia of Courting Destiny and I did a little urban hiking.

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