Sunday, November 18, 2007

I think it's time to cancel my subscription!

I think it's officially time that I cancel my Travel and Leisure subscription.

I'm not quite sure how I ended up subscribing in the first place. I'm sure it was one of those things where you get a free 3-month trial subscription and if you want to cancel, you check the box on the card provided on page 253 (between the Ski Lapland and Tivoli Radio ads) of the 4th issue. I'm a doofus about stuff like that.

This magazine...well, let's just say I'm not their target demographic. There's a fine line between pipe dreaming, and pressing one's grubby little middle-class nose against the candy store window.

Sometimes it's kinda fun looking at the fancy resorts & stuff.


It was really dreary today.

How dreary was it?

SO dreary that when it was time to make the decision of whether I was going to make it a play day and go paddling, or get some jolly fun overdue home projects done, I picked the projects.

I chose reorganizing the home filing system & scrubbing mildew off the shower curtain over paddling (well, actually I just chose filing over paddling, that involved a Staples trip, hence the either-or choice - but I did do a little basic cleaning after I finished the big project). Actually I'm kind of glad it wasn't nice out, I'm pretty happy with the new filing setup. The old milk crate had ceased to cut it a long time ago, & maybe it'll help me keep my dining room table available for dining instead of half of it being permanently dedicated to storing heaps of insufficiently sorted STUFF.

But still -

When you have a day that's so BLEAH that when you ask yourself, "Housework, or paddling?", and you answer, "Housework" after a surprisingly short period of indecision, you just don't need to have THIS lying around!

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