Monday, November 05, 2007

Bringing new meaning to the term "coop board".

So all this summer I thought I was getting so quaint & rustic with my little Canarsie vegetable garden.

Then I was listening to the radio on Sunday & discovered that, nope, I'm a mere dilettante when it comes to urban agriculture.

These folks? That's hardcore.

btw the tall plants are cosmos...they grew and grew and grew all summer - then very abruptly did this:

Then they fell over!

Of course the minute they fell over, the green peppers that had languished in their shade all summer suddenly went to town & now it's a race between the peppers & weather too cold for pepper survival. That's one of the lessons I plan to apply next year - tall stuff at the far of the bed.

Yup, still a newbie.

I honestly had no idea how tall the mixed flowers were going to get when I planted 'em.

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