Saturday, November 03, 2007

Staten Island Ferry from Adirondack

Just another picture. Sorry been such a bad blogger lately but got back from Rhode Island to find myself feeling motivated to catch up on a lot of stuff I've inherited from people who are now gone.

Amazing what a different a major staff change can make. We'd been badly understaffed, and we're getting back up to a working level now, but more importantly, the atmosphere at the office has gone from one that felt very junior high school (complete with "cool kids table" at lunch - don't let me get started on that) to one that now feels like a finance department at a Really Big Children's Publishing House.

I work a lot better when I don't go to work feeling like somebody is just waiting for a chance to pull the rug out from me. I'm just funny that way.

Direct result of that plus wonderfully relaxing vacation - came back & suddenly found myself in a mood to work some long days of fairly concentrated work. Finally feel like I'm making some progress.

2 weeks of 10 hour plus days would ordinarily not constitute "Life is good" - but it's a distinct improvement. Hoping another week or so & I will have all the new stuff caught up enough that I'll be able to resume having a life!

Fortunately the temporary workaholism has not spilled over into weekends. Today I went and played tourist on my way home from CT - that was fun, meandered from the Union Square Farmer's Market all the way down to the Staten Island Ferry. Wandered around Trinity Churchyard (it is a little strange walking around looking at Revolutionary War-era gravestones & realizing that back then, I would be getting up to senior citizen - awful lot of folks there in their forty-somethingth year, many younger - found myself wondering "How on earth did people manage to squeeze entire lives into such a short span?" - guess it was both simpler and harder then), something I'd never done before. Wandered on down to the ferry, thought about both going to the Museum of the American Indian or riding the ferry. There was a gale warning on today, I love riding the ferry on stormy days, but when I got down there it wasn't looking that much more exciting than it was last week when I took the picture above. And for all I hate shopping, I had bought myself a new toy at an appliance shop near City Hall - a $12.99 electric chopper, which I bought pretty much exclusively for the purpose of making pesto-making a less labor-intensive exercise, so instead I came home & tried that out (worked great), baked cookies, read...aaah.

Wish I'd had my camera along today if for no other reason than to take pictures of the new fad that's sprung up among a set of buskers in Battery Park (or at least I never noticed 'em before). There's one busker who is a little famous as a Statue of Liberty impersonator. She, and other Statue impersonators I've seen here & there in the past, are all women who dress in full Liberty regalia and use green paint on all exposed flesh. The new breed are cheaters - an over-the-head Statue of Liberty mask and a long robe (not Liberty's Grecian draperies, either, but more of a long tunic-esque affair). The effect is actually rather eerily reminiscent of the killer from the "Scream" movies (actually I think somebody needs to make a horror movie set in NY and featuring one of these guys), plus there's a whole chorus line of 'em working at Castle Clinton, and on a dreary day like today you get the even weirder scenes of busker who've gone on break leaving a small heap of folded green robe, and a Statue of Liberty heads (wearing shades) stuck on a THAT was what I wanted to take a picture of.

Breezy Point with Sebago and also the Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Club tomorrow - should be fun! Forecast still involves a bit of gusty winds, but settling in the afternoon, and it will be nice to paddle with the YPRC crew.

Oh, must remember to check with them about the storage I have heard may be becoming available up there. Great to hear as I think the YPRC clubhouse (which dates back years) reached capacity a couple of years ago.

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