Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Book Launch at a Boat Launch!

Big boats, that is. Ships in fact. I remember my dad telling me one time when I was very young & asked the difference, "A boat fits on the deck of a ship".

Book launch at boat launch is more entertainingly alliterative - but PortSide NY uses the proper terminology for their Arts Event #2 - which sounds fantastic:

A Book Launch where Ships Launch - Readings from The Graving Dock by Gabriel Cohen. That's on Thursday the 29th. Full details at the link.

Sounds great. I'll have to try to make this one. Still sorry I missed the opera!

If I do make it, that'll actually be the second reading I've been to this year - few more & I'll get to thinking I'm, like, some kinda intelligentsia type or something.

Or maybe I'll just feel like I'm finally making up for my TOTAL lack of culture this summer. Usually I get to a couple of the fantastic free performances that abound in the city during the summer - this year, just didn't seem to have time. Shame to live in NYC & not take advantage - but I was having too much fun learning to sail dinghies & stuff, I guess.

The other one, btw, was readings from Legends of the Chelsea Hotel, by Ed Hamilton, the author of the blog Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog. My friend Larry invited me. Really enjoyed it - Ed is not just a good writer, but also a good reader, really brings the strangeness of life in the Chelsea Hotel (past and present, from the sound of things the future will be far less interesting) to life. Don't see any more readings posted in the site, but if I hear about any I'll post 'em. I'm not much of a Chelsea blogger since I bailed out from the Hudson River Park, but it was fun getting back there.

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