Thursday, February 04, 2010

All Work & No Play

All work & no play makes this a dull blog.

But hey, look, Sebago sailing co-chair Jim's Matunicus double-ender is getting pretty!

And Never Sea Land has the funniest mermaid ever.

As for me...well, there's fun afoot for this weekend, and there was fun last weekend. There was the fun which I already mentioned (and for another view of that day, check out clubmate John Edward Harris's Summit to Shore), and then there was this!

And did I mention I'm going to Hawaii? And it's working out nicely - I have two friends who have asked to stow away in my baggage, and two other friends who have offered to carry my baggage, so I will let the baggage-carrying friends carry the friend-containing baggage. As long as I don't have to carry the bags with the stowed-away friends myself, it's all good!


Michael said...

OK, I was waiting for this. Now that you have baggage carrying friends coming along saving me from that onerous task, how about I come and hold your hand or something. Knowing how dramatic it can be traveling these days through the 'see-it-all' scanners etc, having someone to swat the security folks and keep them in line can be a great comfort... So, do I get to come on the trip?

bonnie said...

Moral-support contingent? Sure!

Boy, this is getting to be quite an entourage I've got.

Frogma Posse-ma!

will said...

aloha . . . alogma. we must needs have a waterbloggers meet on oahuma.

bonnie said...

Amene-ma to that!

(not a typo)