Monday, February 22, 2010

Pool Session Sunday with Sebago

OK, maybe it's not precisely the kind of warm, clear water that some of us are dreaming of right about now - but it's still awfully nice to do some rolling in a more relaxing environment than Jamaica Bay offers right now. The Flushing Meadows Aquatic Center is definitely that! We're very fortunate to have access to this for our sessions, it is a beautiful pool - I love those big windows! BTW, if you're an area paddler & would like to join a session or two, you can find full information on the Sebago Canoe Club website. They have been booking up fast, but it's always worth checking - I ended up doing this on Sunday, instead of an outside paddle, when an announcement came out on Friday that spaces had opened up for this one. That was right about the same time as a rapidly deteriorating forecast (beautiful, but getting windier & windier) was starting to make me wonder if maybe a paddle wasn't such a good idea. I jumped on it so fast Stevie didn't realize I was responding to his announcement!

Hard to believe that was my first rolling session of the season on Sunday! Between my PA jaunts & some very appealing outdoor alternatives, I haven't been missing it that much - but as usual, I had completely convinced myself that my hand roll was going to be completely gone, so it was good to get in the pool & find that yes, it does still work.

Speaking of those appealing outdoor alternatives - we've been having a nice thaw, and I can't believe I'm actually less then 100% thrilled about it, but Tugster & Bowsprite & I had been hoping for maybe another iceboating adventure, and it's not looking so probable. I guess there's still time for another hard freeze - but somehow, with March right around the corner, that doesn't seem likely. I am so glad we went when we did - what a wonderful day it was.

I tend to say that I don't think I could ever move anywhere colder than Brooklyn - but boy, if the unimaginable somehow happened & I did, I think I'd want to learn to do that!


JP said...

I've been missing the weekly canoe in the pool sessions - pure inertial as it really is first thing saturday morning.

I ought to go and practice rolling some day.

Carol Anne said...

Totally bizarre thought came into my mind at first -- did anybody inspect those boats for noxious invasive species before putting them into that pristine water?

Of course, that's not a worry. A swimming pool has chemicals (usually chlorine, but more enlightened pools use less noxious but also far more expensive methods) to keep it clean.

In fact, too-clean water can be a symptom of a problem -- Lake Pleasant, Arizona, is in a warm enough place that it should be full of icky green gunk, but it's crystal clear like a municipal swimming pool, because invasive mussels have consumed all the nutrients algae used to use. This means the little fish and snails that eat algae have died, and the little-ish fish that eat little fish and snails have died, and the bigger fish that eat the little-ish fish have died.

So there's a reason for my paranoia about invasive species, although a chemically protected aquatic center shouldn't have to worry.

Moonstruck said...

Tuesday and its snowing buckets in Stormville today. Not cute any more. Talked to my son this AM. 14 below zero in Copper Mt. Co. Swimming Pool looks good to me!!!

Dennis G

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

WOW! That Aquatic Center is amazing! :)

bonnie said...

It really is.

Did I mention there's an ice rink in there too?

Unknown said...

To Carol Ann, the boats are hosed off before and after the pool sessions....I know, I've helped! Pretty chilly, as we do it outside!

Adventure Otaku said...

I wish I had known about this BEFORE I moved away from NY. I moved south where the water is warmer. last summer some friends and myself made a rolling video -