Friday, February 12, 2010

One Last Iceboat Post - "Stern Steerers" Documentary

Weeeeeell, I might as well finish out Iceboat Week with one more ice yacht post. Here's a good documentary I found on YouTube, lots more info about these lovely old craft & the folks who restore, sail & love them - nice glimpse of the old boats' modern descendants, too!

Thanks for posting, "Emanpewaukee"!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Really enjoyed Biff & Marcus's presentation tonight - will give a bit more of a review when it's not quite so far past my bedtime, but since I do need to turn in (and am off to PA for the weekend so probably won't be posting 'til Tuesday), I just couldn't resist sharing this one last item. Hope you enjoy!

I think Tugster, Bowsprite & Jeff will recognize a few of our new friends!

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will said...

sublime!! i love both types here. i'll research the "skeeters." thanks fr posting these.