Sunday, February 28, 2010


Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn, I could barely talk myself into leaving the apartment this weekend. I'd decided that shoveling snow on the Mary Whalen was a good idea on Friday because I knew I was probably not going to be able to cajole myself into going paddling - I've been tired, it was a rough week at work last week (bad enough that I finally broke down & told my supervisors that I really feel like I'm in way over my head with the responsibilities I was handed last year - thank goodness there is a ton of other stuff I AM pretty good at, and there are some pretty good people in charge of me, I didn't end up feeling like I've jeopardized my employment, but it was a horribly depressing conversation to have to have), and there's still enough snow around that schlepping the Really Big Bag full of winter gear on the cart was going to be a complete pain, and when you add all of that to the "mind-body winter dichotomy" I wrote about a couple of years ago (short version - I don't like cold weather, I hate all the extra gear & there's a part of me that really just wants to go full couch-potato in the wintertime, I just don't because I know I feel better when I'm getting outside regularly), I just knew I wasn't likely to get myself pulled-together enough to go paddling. So a couple of hours of shovelling really did sound like a good idea, a little pre-emptive workout in case the weather turned yucky again & I couldn't talk myself into anything else.

And as you saw in that picture, it really did end up being a beautiful night to be outside shoveling snow - there was a nearly-full moon, and it wasn't that cold, and the ship's cat Chiclet came out with us while we shoveled (she's adorable) and then I tagged along when Carolina decided she had enough energy left to go get a glass of wine, and we went to this wonderful little place she likes called Homemade, and it was just about as nice as a spontaneous decision to do a little volunteer work ever gets.

And then, in fact, I didn't leave the building yesterday. Went & hung out with a friend downstairs for a while in the evening, which was nice, but for most of the day was just feeling sort of bleah. Had a hard time getting up today & had a splitting headache when I did (and no, the hanging-out the night before wasn't the hangover-producing type). I was feeling thoroughly unmotivated & could easily have spent another sluggish day at home, but as usual, I know that really not wanting to go out is a sign that I need to. So...motivation. Hmm. Prospect Park is always pleasant, but let's about an extra-special reward-type destination...

Oooh. I've got it! :D

Amazing selection. The first time I was here was in December, when I brought TQ - that was fun, we got some of those big champagne-bottle-sized bottles of Belgian to share. I stuck with an assortment of normal-sized ones this time, wishing TQ was along on this trip the whole time I was picking things out.

5 mile walk, round trip, and the weighted backpack on the return leg must give bonus points somehow!

It's funny, the options you have for walking in NY. This weekend, a five-mile walk for fancy beer. Last weekend, I ended up walking home from the theater where I saw Avatar - that was a couple of miles, I had planned to take the bus home, but it was nice out, I started walking, and the bus just never turned up!


Jos said...

Good choice for motivational destination!
May I suggest a nice 'hint of spring is comming' light white beer?
- Hoegaarden White.
I know it's expensive in the states, but.

It's too early in the morning over here (09:39am), otherwise...

Tillerman said...

Great post. And I loved the one in 2007 in your link too... I don't remember seeing that one at the time.

I deal with the same issues every winter. The last couple of months I've somehow been able to summon the motivation to go sailing most weekends, but the last three years it was much tougher. I can't quit work out why I have the urge to go frostbiting some winters and not others, or even some weekends and not others.

Uh uh. I feel one of those long reflective rambling posts coming on...

O Docker said...

OK, if you can reference old posts (and I liked that one a lot, BTW), I can reference old comments. I think you're a victim of the February blues. Here's something I put on Tillerman's blog last February after he had been whining about the weather (and you had been too!):

You know, we humans can get so smug sometimes. Sure, we're in control, we're calling the shots, we're deciding what we do and when - masters of our own domains that we are.

But, what's going on here? On almost exactly the same day, Bonnie and Lonnie Bruner posted about how they've had just about enough of winter. And you're wondering if Lasering is worth it anymore. And Adam is suddenly raising large questions about what's really important in life. What do you all have in common? You live where it's freakin' cold, that's what.

Old man winter is messing with your heads. I don't know if it's the length of days, the angle of the sun, pheromones, hormones, or whatever it is that makes all the crocuses pop up at the same time, but something much larger than all of you is pulling some strings and probably having a good laugh over it.

You've made it into March. The hard part is behind you.

bonnie said...

Well, a friend in Illinois reports that the maple sap is running. Sugar maples wouldn't lie, would they? Spring has got to be on the way. Yes.

And just to prove O-Docker's point, I can't forget that the name of this blog was inspired by a cabin-fever driven flame war on my favorite kayak email list. I believe that was in late February or early March too.

In the meantime, those hardy Midwestern bloggers just put their kayaks away & break out the skis and the ice-fishing gear & generally have themselves a good old time vasseloppin' around.

Fleecy earflap hats off to them, yeah?

Stephen King said...

O Docker, you Californicators can get so huffy and superior about the weather.

We don't need no stinkin' weather police to tell us what to do in the winter. Limiting individual freedom like that is unamerican.

If we want to drink Shiraz by the side of an open fire or go boating in icy waters, we damned well will.

If we want to write posts explaining how winter develops character, where's the harm?

It's not like the weather here is going to be any different next winter.

And why the heck did the America's Cup go on a victory tour to San Francisco and San Diego?

It's a conspiracy by you Californicators and all of those other people who like fog.

bonnie said...

Holy sh....

Since when does Stephen King read my blog???

O-docker still has me beat, though. God reads his blog.

bonnie said...

ps - hmmm, doesn't Mr. King live in Maine?

Seems to me that a Mainer would be likely to fall within the category of " all of those other people who like fog". Is it possible the conspiracy have double agent? Or is just a red herring?

god said...

I read your blog too.

bonnie said...

Wow. Welcome, God.

So, You have to keep up wit ALL the blogs, as part of the omniscience thing?

Tough job!

O Docker said...

Bonnie, I'm so sorry that something I put on your comments page should prompt such an outburst.

Whether or not the comment came from the famous author matters little - it is from a troubled soul who's suffering from the very winter depression I spoke of, huddled over his computer, struggling to stay warm.

He must be somewhere in the great frozen north, perhaps in new England, perhaps by some seaside bay where the winds of winter do their worst.

Let us find it in our hearts to forgive him.

bowsprite said...

God commented! anyone remember the Singing Nun? Soeur Sourire?
"Does God ever blog? a ha ha!
Does God ever blog? o ho ho!
Does God ever blog? with glee, e hee hee hee hee o!..."

Bonnie, your post has given me an earworm.

bonnie said...

God has a facebook page.