Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Downtown & NY Harbor As Seen from the Top of the Empire State Building, 1:20 pm, 2/16/2010

Awe-inspiring, sweeping & magnificent, isn't it???

Image courtesyEarthcam. For some better samples, check out my 3-part Earthcam sunset set. What's going on in today's shot? Another snowstorm, of course! If you were standing on 34th street looking up at the Empire State Building, the top would probably be invisible in the clouds. I spent the weekend out in PA & was really a bit surprised by the steadiness of the snow - it wasn't heavy, but it just kept coming down, TQ said that had just been how the whole winter had been with the exception of a brief January thaw (lucky for me, that was when my last trip was). I kept thinking how really sort of moderate NYC winters are in comparison (and feeling lucky for it) - but boy, it seems like maybe that PA weather may have followed me home!


dennis G said...

Still snowing in Stormville. 8 or 10 inches .

bonnie said...

bleah, bleah, bleah! I am SO tired of winter!

(although boy, we were sort of hoping for another iceboat adventure - Tugster somehow didn't get to go for a ride!)

Ol' Philosophizer said...

Maybe if the people in Pennsylvania got together and bribed the groundhog, they might have seen an early spring.

bonnie said...

Oh, you are a much nicer person than I am. TQ & I had originally talked about driving up to the Allegheny National Forest & it would've been the shortest detour to hit Punxsutawney. I was looking up recipes.

Lucky for Phil, TQ had a bit of a cold, and we stuck closer to home.