Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Iceboat Week Continued!

Well, it's definitely turning into Iceboat Week here among the NYC boat bloggers who went up the Hudson on Sunday!

Today, Tugster and Bowsprite both offer their own perspectives on the wreck of the Galatea - Bowsprite was on board, and Tugster watched the boat go down.

Jeff doesn't blog, but he's a very good photographer & I think we're all looking forward to seeing a gallery on his Picasa.

And me? No, I'm not done yet! I have ONE more post planned. I got a little silly last night, will hopefully be able to post the results sometime today & honestly, beyond that I just don't see how I can milk the topic any further. You'll see!


1 comment:

will said...

with baited (bated??) breath, i wait. hope you're enjoying the snow today.