Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Proper Course!

No time for a proper tribute right now, would some bad poetry suffice?

Oh My Goodness!
Sakes Alive!
Proper Course
Has Just Turned Five!

Congratulations, "Lord T"! Here's to many more laughs, meditations, writing challenges & may someday, one very adorable granddaughter learning the ropes from her grandfather!

(first rope to learn, of course: It's not a rope, it's a line!)

ps - the photo above is the end result of the Quest for the Peas of Mushiness - a Tillerman-inspired adventure, of course! Mmm, wonder if I could wrap up tonight's project in time to make trip to A Salt and Battery (now featuring sustainable seafood, very nice).


The O'Sheas said...

I followed suit over at Log of the S/V Clarity.


Also, thought of you last night while guarding my mixed plate of grilled mahimahi, teri-beef, and kalua pork; my kids where swooping in for some of the ono grinds!

bonnie said...

Oh, fantastic! Maybe we'll start a trend!

I am probably going to gain about three hundred pounds when I go home this summer. Malasadas, manapua, plate lunch, teri burger, Shiro's Saimin Haven, Forty-Niner's, shave ice...oinkety oink oink oink!

The O'Sheas said...

Should we tell everybody about the latest Tillerman Group Writing Project? Of course, we don't have to mention it's not sanctioned ...

I'm looking forward to my next three-hundred pounds ... wait, that sounds like I already have my first three under my belt (!).

O Docker said...

I'm in.

PeconicPuffin said...

That "food" looked nasty when the Tillerman first posted it, and still does here on your blog of kayaks and kewkumbers. A nice tomato would help, and some fresh greens!

Fortunately the old bird's blog remains fresh. Happy BD (again) Lord T!

bowsprite said...

it's hard to top Tillerman in 'most unappetizing "food"' pictures. I was still scarred by the Crustables when the 'worst wrap' thing appeared. I like the flag. It is a faux pas to eat on the ensign?