Saturday, February 05, 2011

Blogrolls begin to be back.

Recent comment exchange, slightly edited:

Peconic Puffin: Hey Bonnie your sidebars (blogrolls and soforth) are missing. FYI.

Me: Thanks...I know.

(heaves a guilty sigh).

Blogrolls have been missing since Google Almighty decided that (the free service I used to use to maintain my blogrolls) was a nest of pirates. People were literally being blocked from visiting until I removed all of my lists.

I have a .txt version of the rolls saved somewhere on my hard drive - next good blizzard, I swear I will do something about them.

I'm SO bad about maintenance.

Since then, tomorrow's paddling plans got scratched when the forecast disintegrated from "Goody!" to gale warning overnight. TQ & I will still do something tomorrow, but since we now don't need to go get our boats this afternoon, I figured that maybe it would be good to just buckle down & get going on resurrecting the blogrolls. You'll see the results of that to the right. I've started with a rather arbitrary set - basically the first 20 I thought of, upped to 30+ when I looked over the list and realized that I'd left out a number of blogs belonging to friends here in NYC. I'll try to keep chunking away at this a little bit at a time.

Michael, thanks for the push. I probably needed it.


Baydog said...

Yay! I've made it!

bonnie said...

Of course you did!

bonnie said...

OK, and I'm already feeling bad about a few I missed here, would continue except that there are real-world chores that I have GOT to get going on.