Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Evolution Of The EarMaid

The First Appearance of the EarMaid - in the company of schooner Adirondack, at an Adirondack crew party at the Ear. Had to be 2003 or 2004 or so July 2006 (that "doodle" tag came in handy!), it was definitely my first time at the Ear. Got drunk and played with crayons. Woohoo!

photo by Carolina of PortSideNY

The most recent appearance of the EarMaid. Friday, February 11th, Waterblogger's Night Out, Iteration The Third, or is it the fourth? Got drunk and played with crayons. Woohoo!

Three cheers for friends who don't tell you to grow up and act your age!


Reports from my fellow inebriates:

Tugster again
Peconic Puffin
Adam, the Messer About In Boats
The Old Salt (was that ever a nice surprise - I love his blog, and I'm not sure I actually realized he was from hereabouts until he was sitting across the table from me!)

Present at the debauchery, but not yet admitting to it publicly (ha, like that's gonna do any good with the rest of us blabbing):
Carolina of PortSide NewYork (cripes, that reminds me, I've rebuilt a substantial portion of my bloggy blogroll, but I do want to keep going & reinstate the Favorite Not-For-Profits and Trip Planning Tools and Other Boating Safety Info link lists. Ways To Get On The Water in NYC can wait until drysuit season's over, methinks.)
John and Vicky (Luseana the Mystic Mermaid to her friends) who love everything from Summit to Shore and beyond...
the one and only Bowsprite!
and oh yeah...this guy, too! ;D

photo by Tugster Will

Glad others had their cameras - I'd sort of temporarily lost track of mine (happens a bit more now that there are 2 apartments to lose things in now).

Here's to another fine evening of rollicking revelry! Let's not wait for 2012 to do it again!


Elizabeth said...

Maybe the Ear Inn needs to sponsor a contingent for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. I bet I know a few people who'd be willing to march!

bonnie said...

Rats. 11:30 on a work night is too late to start doodling but I just had an idea for a group costume design.

Tillerman said...

OMG. I see a decal. There were decals? Nobody told me there would be decals.

PeconicPuffin said...

Wherever we meet we need drawable tables. Re not waiting a year, Tillerman said he may be in town in a month or two...it would be great to schedule something around his State Visit.

will said...

you should be signing these "iterations of earmaid" bonnie. and dating them. by 2020 . . . they'll be hanging in the Whitney!

Tillerman said...

Yes, I may have to be in New Jersey on the July 4th weekend. In an email to an old friend I made a foolish query out of idle curiosity as to whether one of my old sailing clubs was doing anything to celebrate a certain anniversary, and the next thing I knew was that they have arranged a very special regatta for July 2nd and are telling everyone it was my idea. I don't see how I can avoid going to it now.

bonnie said...

Tillerman, how did you know that was a decal? We thought they were fabulous beer mats!

Hopefully Will will have more at the next one. Or Maybe...Maritime Billy will bring decals in person!

Will will have to confirm whether I'm remembering right - as has been mentioned in other comment chains, there were times when things got fuzzy, but I think Will said that Bill was a possibility but ended up being out of town.

I could be totally making that up though. A few EarBeers and the imagination starts running wild.

bonnie said...

Tillerman, we were typing at the same time!

Very funny, how your old club managed to get you to make a return visit. Sly dogs.

In fact, speaking of dogs, was Baydog somehow involved? If I'm remembering correctly, you and he have sailed some of the same NJ waters.

tillerman said...

Tugster said something on his blog about decals so I assumed that what was in the picture.

Baydog has been trying to encourage me to sail in the Laser North Americans down the Jersey shore this summer. But I don't think I will do that. Too many Mommy Boats for one thing. Not to mention too many super fast kids! I think the Masters NAs are in the same place next year and that is much more of a pull for me.

No, the July 4 weekend thing is to do with what I sometimes called Goose Poop Beach Sailing Club on my blog. My other NJ club has a really big fun event that weekend too so I'm hoping I can do both.

JP said...

Sounds like a great meet-up - shame couldn't be there. Be warned - Buff wants to come next time!