Thursday, February 24, 2011

Link Three

Link Three - from my friend Scott Keller via NYCKayaker:

Vote for the Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail
2011 Heart of Green Best New Trail Nominee!

The Hudson River Valley Greenway Land and Water Trail have been nominated for the 2011 Heart of Green Awards at The Daily Green!

Please consider voting for the Greenway Trail to be recognized for helping to bring trails and river access to the Hudson Valley! It's well deserved recognition for this truly grassroots project to create regional trails connections, on both land and water, and improve public access to the Hudson river and its surrounding landscape. While the Greenway has been the shepherd of the trail for years, it is the commitment to implementation by state agencies, local and county governments, numerous not for profit partners and passionate volunteers throughout the valley that has made the Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail system what it is today.

You can vote for the Hudson River Valley Greenway at the link above.

And that's it for my lunch break links. Reapplying nose to grindstone now. Ciao!


Baydog said...

Okay. Now I'm hungry.

bonnie said...

Me too. I think the farther I get from lunch, the better the sausages are looking.