Thursday, February 24, 2011

One More, That's Four

Sausages and chips courtesy of Sam Breach's Flickr page.

Almost forgot, I had been meaning to link over to Trawlers and Tugs, where you can read what an actual artist has to say about Duke Riley. Much more coherent writeup than mine was!

Oh, and btw, the other incident that I vividly recall being discussed among my boating friends here in NYC that turned out to be a Duke Riley performance was the boarding of the Robert Smithson island.

I don't think anyone I knew would've actually tried it, but I think just about anyone who saw this out there would've at least had a momentary fantasy of getting to ride around on the barge as it was being towed around Manhattan. Can you imagine? Pack a nice picnic lunch, drinks, a camera, maybe a trashy beach-read of a book? What a day! Leave it to a couple of crazy estuarine performance artists to try to actually DO it. I don't think the kayak forums went QUITE as a-buzz over the boarding as we did over the guy who was trying to plant a mini Christo Gate, but there was some chitchat.

Oh, and btw - he had collaborators on this one. One, I never heard of - Lan Tuazon? Anyone heard of her? - but the other one is a name that I bet someone will be able to identify before I get home tonight.

Marie Lorenz?

Anyone? Anyone? Tugster?


Cliff Clavin said...

Tide and Current Taxi

bonnie said...

Thank You Mr. Clavin! Ha. My first inclination was to say "five minutes". I should've gone with that.

I was also coming back in to add "No Google for this one." You didn't Google, did you?


O Docker said...

Thanks for all of these links, Bonnie.

I never sausage a series of posts.

Baydog said...


Baydog said...

Food blogs bring out the wurst in some people.

bonnie said...

Don't be a brat!

Baydog said...

Okay, I won't knock a good comment, 'cause it might land me in the doghouse. Let's keep at it while we're on a roll.

bonnie said...

Oh, I don't know if I can cut the mustard. You may just be the weiner, Dog.

Carol Anne said...

OK, you leave me no choice ... Do you know the difference between a begonia and a double begonia?

Well ...

A begonia is a sausage.

A sausage and battery is a crime.

Monkeys crime trees.

Trees a crowd.

The rooster crowd in the morning and made a lot of noise.

The noise is a part of the face, located near the eyes.

Eyes is the opposite of nays.

A mare nays when it has a colt.

And you have to be careful when you have a colt, or you might catch double begonia.