Monday, February 21, 2011

Sleeping Giant State Park, Hamden, CT, 2/20/2011

I have been absolutely itching for a paddle, but the dogs do love it when we decide the forecast isn't quite paddle-appropriate and fall back on hiking instead. That was the call this weekend. I'd optimistically schlepped my paddling kit over to TQ's on Friday night, but when we looked at the forecast on Saturday morning we decided to not try, looked like it was going to be pretty windy for the entire weekend. Instead, we went for a nice hike in Sleeping Giant State Park.

TQ and I were laughing about me stopping to take this shot - this is on the final approach back to the parking lot, and we always get back right around sunset, and if I were to dig back through my photo archives, I would probably find that the number of sets of photos taken from this vantage points is an exact match for the number of times we have gone hiking here.

It was absolutely great hiking weather, although the snow was in a challenging state - crusted, strong enough to hold your weight until suddenly it wasn't; where it was, it was frequently ice-glazed. I'm still sore!

Hoping for some paddling soon.

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