Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hoppy New Year!

origami bunny dance from Bonnie on Vimeo.

Welcome, Year of the Rabbit!

OK, I know I already posted these guys, but the whole reason I made this video was in honor of the Year of the Rabbit, and it's Lunar New Year so I'm going to make you watch it again!

Of course you could just not hit "play" and go read about Laser regattas, and snow, and ice, that would be OK - but I had to give the bunnies their day in the sun.

Kimie (first mate onSweet Bluesettesent a translation of the lovely little children's song she and Pandabonium had found when I asked them if they could recommend a Japanese children's song about bunnies. The song is called "Usagi No Dansu", which means "Rabbit Dance", and all thoughts of using anything else went right out the window the minute I listened to it. It's just about exactly what you'd think just from listening - a fun little nonsense song about dancing bunnies.

So-so la, so la, so la, rabbits’ dance
Ta-latta, latta, latta
Lattta, latta, latta, la
Kick and kick with legs, pyoko-pyoko, dance
Put a headband on the ear, latta, latta, la

So-so la, so la, so la, cute dance
Ta-latta, latta, latta
Latta, latta, latta, la
Hop, step, jump and pyoko-pyoko, dance
Put on red shoes, latta, latta, la


John Edward Harris said...

This little video is pregnant with possibilities. I want to hear more of the song. After all, I am all ears. I think a "watership Down" allusion, however, would have been very fitting for a water blog. Your talents are evident in your work and play.

Buck said...

Rock again!

Happy New Year!

PeconicPuffin said...

I like how the little ones come after the rabbit kiss. Don't let Glenn Beck see this...he'll come with his scissors.


PeconicPuffin said...

Hey Bonnie your sidebars (blogrolls and soforth) are missing. FYI.

bonnie said...

Thanks...I know.

(heaves a guilty sigh).

Blogrolls have been missing since Google Almighty decided that (the free service I used to use to maintain my blogrolls) was a nest of pirates. They were literally blocking people from visiting until I took them down.

I have a .txt version of the rolls saved somewhere on my hard drive - next good blizzard, I swear I will do something about them.

I'm SO bad about maintenance.

bonnie said...

Or maybe this Sunday. Bleah.

Yes, I was just over on Peconic Puffin bragging about how nice it's going to be for paddling, and there's an excellent paddle planned, but sometime around 3 I discovered that I had suddenly gotten a sore throat & was feeling a little lightheaded. Might be coming down with something. :(

PeconicPuffin said...

The wife and I have been sick with a tenacious cold (that started with a sore throat) fun at all. I'm just about better but played it too casually at first...not good for a quick recovery!

bonnie said...

Uh oh.

clairesgarden said...


bowsprite said...

Pandamonium!! I used to listen to music like this! brings back happy memories! Frogma, you are so talented and productive. : D