Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Marching Band Mistie

Marching Band Mistie 2

Marching Band Mistie 3

There is definitely at least a Part II to yesterday's post - but there was a sea kayak committee meeting tonight and it's a little too late to get going on that tonight, especially when it's still maybe just early enough to do a little investigation into why my 2-year-old computer is suddenly having startup issues. :(

So I hope you won't mind this totally frivolous intermission. I just couldn't resist picking up on the Dogs In Hats theme Pandabonium & O-Docker have started.

Good dog, Mistie. What a patient girl you were.

Thank you to my dad for finding & scanning & my mom for organizing these in such a way that my dad was able to find.


Pandabonium said...

Awww... what a sweet dog. I had a dog named Misty once and she too was a sweety - maybe not so patient. :^)

That's great that she wore the hat AND the whole uniform. Must have a tough time with the flute fingerings. Great pics!

bonnie said...

I'm so glad my dad was actually able to find them.

She was a great dog. A little on the barky side - Shelties just are - but smart & a very good- natured animal, as you can see here.

Baydog said...

Jethro Tail

Chris Partridge said...

If dogs ever get guns, they will exact a terrible vengeance.....

O Docker said...

Frankly, I have no sympathy for dogs that suffer this kind of abuse.

They know very well what they are about.

They tolerate this lunacy in exchange for free room and board.

After feeding and boarding one of these incorrigible freeloaders for too many years, I came to understand just who owned whom. I was the one going out to work every day while he lounged around the nice comfy, heated and air-conditioned house, sleeping and dreaming about chasing lady dogs (you don't really think they're dreaming about chasing cats, do you?).

He just waltzed through life never knowing a traffic jam, plumber's bill, or unbalanced checkbook. He never once lifted a paw to cook a meal or help with the dishes.

You don't know how many times we'd be driving and, for once, I wanted to be the one with my nose out the window.

These are delightfully funny photos. Laugh without guilt.

Tillerman said...

I never understood why our ancestors allowed themselves to be domesticated by dogs and cats.

bonnie said...

suckers for a fuzzy face?