Thursday, August 04, 2005

Filler - A Funny Story About My Dad

It is hot & muggy today in NYC and I plan to go spend a pleasant evening falling in the river some more - rolling practice, if I can make it, first, then I thought I'd pull out the surfski before it gets too rusty. I actually went to the library during lunch intending to go back to the re-creation of the Tuesday-night rolling's-GREAT post but got sidetracked by an interesting article on religion in Harper's magazine -

So here's a filler instead. A good one though. Heh heh heh. Funny, I never heard this one from my dad & I'm grateful to the gentleman who saw fit to put it up where I was able to stumble across it with a Google search! BTW the Robert E. Lee is a submarine (see below), the CO is the Commanding Officer (aka my dad) and the XO is the Executive Officer (second in command).

On board the Robert E. Lee SSBN601B, the crew stole the XO"s door. The next day's POD said there were to be no movies until it was returned. For privacy the XO hung a blanket over the opening.

By the 3rd day he had gotten into the habit of walking thru the blanket instead of moving it. On the 5th day we replaced the door. Re-hanging the blanket over it, and then settled back to watch the fun.

Suddenly the XO came running down the passageway enroute to his stateroom and thru the blanket/curtain, coming up very short upon meeting the door. Nose bleeding and demanding an answer, the CO came to his rescue.

After surveying the damage the CO marched to control, grasped the 1MC and announced, "This is the Captain. The XO's door has been found. MOVIE CALL!"

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