Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hot Summer Evening, NYC

There's my schooner. Ain't she purty?

Went down to Battery Park City Friday night to watch the dancing lights on their 2nd-to-last-day. It wasn't the best photo day as you can see but I did take this shot - I had to chase 'em down the esplanade to get this shot 'cause they motored for a while, so I'd figured I wouldn't be able to get a good one - but then they started sailing again & that sent 'em back over in my direction. I was able to get down close enough to get this.

It was very hot here today - one of those days when working on the schooner almost feels like work. Prepping the boat in the morning, scrubbing down the decks, laying in a good stock of beverages - we were melting. But the minute we motored past the end of the docks it all got better - there was a lovely sea breeze, better than we'd hoped for.

One thought that ran through my tired mind this evening -

There's nothing like doing outdoor work in a heatwave to make a plain old hot shower feel as luxurious as a fancy spa treatment. Mmm mmm mmmmmm. Feels soooo good to scrub off all the sweat & grime & sunblock & get clean. Oh yeah.

3 sails tomorrow - I hope that breeze cooperates as nicely as it did today. Even if it does, I think I may have to go fall in the river after I get done, just like I did last week.

Bedtime now - 3 more sails tomorrow.

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