Monday, August 22, 2005

Tugboat Alley

I'm going to take a break from my Hanauma Bay series today simply because the New York Times had a really interesting article about Staten Island's "Tugboat Alley" (sorry, registration required), which is the area in which I took this shot of a Staten Island ferry in drydock (turns out to be the Alice Austen) which is in my Staten Island Circumnavigation Part II virtual tour on Buzznet.

I'd been very intrigued by this section at the north end of Staten Island - found it quite fascinating to see this whole little section of waterfront that was bustling with commercial activity, with tugboats and drydocks everywhere (but apparently not bothering the ospreys that were nesting in the area at all!) and it was great to "read all about it". Liked it enough to share.

Besides, this frees up the entire evening for good thorough lily pad cleaning (and I'm trying very hard to convince myself that that's a good thing).

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