Monday, August 01, 2005

International Rules of Pillow Combat (plus interesting article re Hudson River Parks piers 25 & 26)

Oh dear.

Having reviewed the International Rules of Pillow Combat, as laid down (heh heh, "down", get it?) by the supposedly biased Mr. SeaLevel - specifically the following clauses -

- pillows to be filled with 100% duck or goose down, with no synthetics permitted.

- Filling will not exceed 75% of available interior space, to facilitate grab and swing and discourage duellists from using their pillows as mere clubs.

- Finally, mahi-mahi throw pillows are strictly prohibited, unless used by BOTH contestants.

I find that my vaunted arsenal is entirely disqualified by virtue of both stuffing and, in the one case, mahi-mahiness.

I suggested the possibility of paddle floats but I am also thinking that bilge pumps at 20 paces might be more in line with the great historical kayak battles as told in the oral traditions of the Great Hudson River Paddle Sorry, you won't find the shenanigans to which I refer written up in that link - like I said, we're talking oral tradition here! What you do is find somebody who's done it since the first one, give them a couple of beers & get them talking story. There's at least one mammoth water ambush of an unsuspecting day-paddle by the through-paddlers that usually comes up!

I also wonder if I should do a little heritage check on Mr. SeaLevel - I believe he claims to be of Canadian origin but most of us Norteamericanos came from somewhere before that...hmmm...

OK, now I'm just getting silly, and there was actually something interesting that I wanted to share, which was the actual point of posting right now - this article was in the New York Times this weekend, and it gave a really good description of the type of things that are going on in the very rapidly developing Hudson River waterfront. Sorry, registration required & if you're reading this after August 6th or so the article will be one of those "archive - $" items. I thought people might find it interesting stuff though - it's very reflective of the entire park-building process, which has such an effect on so much of the paddling that's done in Manhattan. Hope you enjoy!

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