Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New pix.

Here's a new Buzznet gallery from last Saturday's excursion - it's not really Frogma Virtual Tour #3, but it was just so much fun when the 5 of us that paddled up to Dyckman St. from Pier 63 came back from a quest for lunch (we found a pretty good Dominican buffet after it turned out that the soccer game with the amazing taco stand - squash blossom quesadillas, handmade tortillas, todos autenticos y muy delicioso according to the rumours! - was probably a Sunday event) to find Broken Glass Beach (the waves there don't so much crash as jingle) being stormed by about five million kayaks, I had to take a few quick pix! Sorry they're a little out of order, I tried Quickpost last night & forgot about working last to first - but chronology isn't quite as key on this one as for some of the others I've done & I'm not gonna spend the time to straighten out the order.

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