Monday, August 29, 2005

Pointless post with pretty sunset.

This is sunset on the Central Park Reservoir. Pretty, yeah?

Actually did a little land-based picture taking last week Thursday - combined with a bit of a scheduling glitch on the schooner, this ended up messing up my plans for getting as much done as I wanted to, but some of the pix came out nicely. Oh well. Stuff happens, right? Anyways, I did absolutely nothing yesterday except put up a few of the Thursday shots on my Buzznet account. Might get back to Hanauma Bay tomorrow but tonight...Blues Brothers! Big screen! Yeah!

actually I had hopes to write tonight - and/or have dinner with some of the friends I'm joining for it (this is actually a birthday celebration for a friend) in addition to the movie - but I'm kind of frazzled right now in the last week before my first vacation since October 2004 (note to self - DON'T WAIT SO DARNED LONG NEXT TIME!!!!) and didn't realize until about halfway through the day that the credit card I used to order the ticket is sitting at home on my desk where I left it after renewing my anti-virus program. Thhbbbtt.

I really, really, really love it when I waste my own time.

Anyways, this is the best picture I took last week, but figured I'd share all of 'em seeing as I've done myself out of writing time tonight. Funny thing is that there seems to be a trend of people buying Pentax Optio Waterproof digital cameras among the people I paddle with - guess everybody who's been even remotely considering buying has seen how much fun I'm having with mine & decided that if I, who am definitely not one who must always have the latest & greatest electronic device, am enjoying it so much, it must be pretty neat.

Oh, there's one artsy-ish one in there of a vine climbing a chain - that's a "Message Bean" plant that somebody started growing on a windowsill at my office - it was pretty interesting, it sort of grew back and forth until it happened across that chain, which is the pull chain for a windowshade that nobody ever shuts - the bean plant is quite happy with it and I've taken on watering it just 'cause I'm getting a kick out of watching it climb. I really wonder where it's going to go when it gets to the top of the window - I guess I'm just easily entertained. But I knew that already.

I hope somebody else takes care of it while I'm away, would be a bummer to come back & find it dead.

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