Friday, August 11, 2006

2 Unusual Things to Do On Saturday.

I already posted about the Harrison Street Regatta (where the 2nd paddler across the line wins - apparently in the old days, when people actually took it semi-seriously, everyone would paddle up to the finish line hell-for-leather - then stop & eventually everybody would be milling about waiting for somebody to CRACK under the pressure and cross - then EVERYBODY ELSE would try to be the 2nd) - I'm not doing it but it's always fun.

OR -

You can go to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and see (and smell!) a corpse flower!

I think I might need to go do THAT. If I can roust myself out of my apartment tomorrow. I'm working on the Adirondack tonight, I might be working on the Adirondack from 8:30 am 'til 10:45 pm on Sunday - the usual 1:00, 3:30, 6:00 & 8:30 sails, plus a 10 am private charter - I'm trying to get out of the 10 am, which I just found out about yesterday (& aside from being a hideously long day, it sort of messes up my original plans for Saturday night - but the full-time first mate who was so good this year quit & things are a little chaotic right now, and I'm not going to say no if they can't get anybody else...), but if I can't, the idea of not budging from my neighborhood tomorrow may be too appealing to resist.

Although the BBG is just a few minutes away by subway.

We'll see just how lazy I feel like being tomorrow.

This may not be a TRULY once-in-a-lifetime thing to see...but it COULD be. Never know when you're going to run across another blooming corpse flower.

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