Friday, August 25, 2006

Pirate Song

Oh my gosh, I found out last night that former Adirondack crewmate Chris Mancini has got his Pirate Song on this MySpace thingy. Got 5 minutes?


And blame me if you find yourself walking around singing "Bring that horizon to me, boys, bring that horizon to me" all afternoon. I've been singing it for a couple of years, on and off, ever since one marvelous evening on the schooner when we were all hanging out with our postsail beers, and Sarah got her fiddle, and I think I may've played a tin whistle tune or two, and then Chris ripped into his newly-written Pirate Song. It was the summer of Pirates of the Caribbean, and Master and Commander, and we were all pirate-crazy, and by the time Chris finished the song, we were all belting out that horizon chorus with a will.

As the Irish would put it - great craic. Great night. That was a good crew that summer.

Oh, and Chris actually ended up being an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean II.

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