Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Party would Seem to be Over


I don't have time to write much now.

Plus my head is still spinning.

Hudson River Park Trust Advisory Council meeting is on Wednesday the 30th, at the Trust offices at Pier 40 (at the Hudson end of Houston Street) at 5:30.

Apparently the Trust just told Krevey some time last week or so that once the barge moves, they really didn't expect people to keep paddling out of it. Guess they just want a nice museum. MKC management may have just heard this this morning. I found out last night.

I thought - as all the Rustbucket gang thought - that we were just talking about a temporary interruption of our ability to paddle. I wanted to attend the meeting to actually find out how long that interruption was going to be. Once I had that, I figured that then I could figure out whether I wanted to make interim storage arrangements, or whether it would be a short enough period of time that I could live without paddling that long.

This is such a different situation I'm just...oooh...James, my smelling salts, please...ok, so I guess maybe we all get in touch with Randy at New York Kayak, who is essentially being handed the monopoly on private kayak storage in the Hudson River Park (and the supply of storage halved).

Well, I did say in several of the emails I sent that all I wanted was some solid facts that I could use as a basis to decide what I do next, as opposed to the rumours and hearsay that have passed for information all year.

Like they say - careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

It's still the miscommunications, noncommunications, and ludicrously delayed communications that are driving me nuts here. I don't think anybody set out intending to make this an exercise in aggravation for anyone - but that's what we've got.

Stay tuned. This could actually get interesting.

BTW - for those not familiar with the background, I did a writeup earliet this year - here's a link: Saga of Pier 63.

And I have to add - I may have an overly rosy view of human nature, but the more information I'm collecting here (which I will try to organize into a post before too long - there's the HRPT and the DEC and an RFP and a whole lot of permits and stuff...), the more I'm NOT seeing any actual malicious intent - just bureaucracy, poor communication, and your basic human tendency to want to ignore facts that aren't in line with the way we'd like things to be. Good intentions all the way, but we all know what's paved with those.

Anyways - upset though I am, I am trying to keep this in perspective. In the big picture, what we have here is an inconvenience, an annoyance, an irritation, not a tragedy. We'll live.

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