Friday, August 04, 2006

A few pictures taken en route & during my outdoor manual-labor part time summer job...did I mention there's a heat wave here? I've been coping by either going to movies, or going & doing rolling practice. Rolling practice was originally slated for tonight, but I ended up getting a call to go work & said "Sure". Even though these are the sorts of days when it really does feel like work.

This just made me laugh on the way to the schooner.

We had something that the forecast kept referring to as a "cold front" coming through. That was an awfully optimistic description - should've been referred to a "slightly less hot than our current pizza-oven temperature front". Anyways, I'd been checking the forecast all afternoon & was starting to have some doubts as to whether the 6:30 - 8:30 was really going to happen. I could feel a bit of a breeze when I got off the subway at 5:30, and the clouds were starting to pile up in fairly dramatic ways. Here's a nice little Cecil B. DeMille effect, right at Chelsea Piers:

And it just looked better and better. Fortunately, we now have this motor yacht alternative, so instead of just saying "Sorry" & sending the charter folks home, we now have the option of setting them up on the Manhattan instead. We did that today, and...

it was a good call. Here we are attempting to evade a squall line that's heading up towards the Statue. In the schooner, we would have had drenched passengers. Here, they were all able to come inside & enjoy the drama but still stay nice & dry. The squall was done about 10 minutes later, we did another loop past the Statue & got back to the pier just as the sunset was getting spectacular.

The schooner crew still all likes working on the schooner better, though.

Oh yeah, and after all the drama - it still feels pretty darned hot...

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