Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Go Renata Go!

Remember when I was going totally gaga over Renata Chlumska, Swedish professional adventurer & motivational speaker who's been circumnavigating the lower 48 states by kayak, bike and rollerblade?

This was her setting out from Pier 63 in New York City on a brisk and shiny April morning -

here she was looking up from packing up her boat & realizing she was as ringed with photographers as a movie star!

here she was getting her astrological chart done by Pier 63's resident astrologer -

And although I didn't listen in, I bet that W. only saw success for Renata in the stars.

Since then, I've been following her adventures at renatachlumska.com as she's slogged her way through some horrible weather - torrential rains, windstorms, heat waves - well, I've been pretty busy lately & hadn't checked in for a while (plus I guess there was some glitch with her GPS position on the website map) and last I'd seen she was in the Lake Superior area, enjoying her last bit of paddling.

Well, she got out of her kayak, got on her bike, and started heading west with PURPOSE and when I went on there today - holy cow, she's estimating 24 days until she returns to Seattle - where she launched on July 4th, 2005.

Can you even imagine what her return to "normal life" is going to be like?

Well, she'd mentioned while she was here that it would hopefully include another loop of the country - this time the easy way, not the human-powered way, giving talks about her trip. Hope New York's on the schedule!

Go Renata GO!

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