Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blogging Kayak Guide In Hawaii! Plus Big Blob O' Boats!

Here's a woman who grew up in Maine, eventually moved to Hawaii, found that people tend to paddle there, and is now possibly on the verge of buying a kayak business - her blog name is Gravity and how much I don't know and I stumbled across her while following a "kayaking woman" type search on Sitemeter (always fun to see how people got here).

Now THAT should make for some good reading - assuming she still has time to blog once she goes into business (bwa ha ha ha haaaaa). Good luck, K8inhawaii!

And Now - I give you:

Big Blob O' Boats!
Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Another something you don't see every day, unless you happen to live or work in or commute through the Lincoln Center area, in which case you probably do. Interesting use for old kayaks, huh? This is called Big Pleasure Point - it's a new public art installation at Lincoln Center, by LA-based artist Nancy Rubin. Somebody on Buzznet left a comment that they hope it's hurricane-proof...

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