Saturday, August 12, 2006

Friday 8/11 - Proud day in my amphibious life...

or at least a day that brought in a HIGHLY amusing email from my G-mentor Jack G.

Hi Bonnie-

remember a few years ago at the pool in Yonkers you
did a spine roll with the paddle stuck in your pfd? I
showed it to Dubside and now your roll is famous!

See the video




And I can't quite resist posting the "companion photo" to a picture I saw last week on Sea Level

that was not a nice stable sort of kayak.

Well, I've been let off the hook for the morning shift on the schooner tomorrow, which is great 'cause not ONLY was that going to be a 14-hour day (I was worried about that, even the 11-hour day I worked last week ended up telling somewhat at the day job the next day, it took me a lot more hours & coffee before I started feeling productive, and we're short-staffed right now & 2 people are on vacation, so a modicum of sharpness is going to be needed on Monday) but I was also going to have to cancel a date I've been looking forward to all week (which is the reason I didn't just suck it up & do the 14-hour day anyways - would've probably just had the quietest of days here & gone to bed early in an attempt to make up for the sheer amount of effort I would've been expending tomorrw) - so I'm thinking I'm going to finish my laundry, do a little cleaning & then stop by the gardens to see how "Baby the Corpse Flower" is doing on my way out to dinner. Full report tomorrow or Monday - at least if the lines aren't 4 hours long & the flower hasn't collapsed already (apparently they do that after about 2 days).

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