Wednesday, October 04, 2006

CB4 meeting tonight - plus Staten Island Ferry and a blatantly commercial schooner plug.

Ack. Little late, but working under deadlines - this is a straight copy & paste of an email I sent around yesterday, figured I'd post here:

Just thought I'd post the information for the next Community Board 4 meeting, for anyone who might be interested. The Parks & Waterfront Committee's letter regarding the proposed changes at Pier 63 (or 66A) Maritime are on the agenda.

DATE: Wednesday, October 4, 2006
TIME: 6:30 pm
PLACE: Roosevelt Hospital - 1000 Tenth Ave. (57/58)

We are item 16 on a 25-item agenda, so even if 6:30 is tough to make (it is for me this week, I don't even really have time to be doing this) it might still be worth swinging by if you are involved with the barge or just curious to hear for yourself what's presented.

I'm actually also very curious about Item 17 - a science barge - would've liked to stay for that last week but the Pier 63 topic took a really long time to explain (many of the committee members were hearing about it for the first time, and it is confusing, I can hardly keep it all straight & I've been following the twists & turns in the barge's saga since 1999) and I needed to get dinner & get home.

For more on tonight's agenda, check out the CB4 e-newsletter here

For those who aren't in on this, here's a nice picture (also all cut & paste, from my Buzznet stuff):

This was the view from the bow of the schooner a couple of weeks ago. Our usual 2-hour sail is from 23rd St. to the Statue of Liberty & back - but every now & then, when everything lines up just right with the tides & the wind, we get to add a bonus - around Governor's Island! I have NEVER pulled out my camera while I was working before, not in all five seasons I've crewed on this boat - but this was simply too pretty to pass up.

Actually usually I leave the camera at home when I'm working - otherwise, it's just too tempting.

OK, one quick plug for my BIG boat, now...Fall brings some fine, fine sailing weather, and the schooner will be doing sails to the Statue of Liberty along with some longer foliage sails all through the month of October! Schedule, prices & reservations all available at Come on out & see the harbor the old-fashioned way!

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