Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pining & planning to paddle...

How lovely. I'm finally getting to work out some paddling plans for the coming weekend. Naturally I sail on Sunday, but Saturday is fair game!

Some of the Greenland enthusiasts from Sebago are trekking up to the club's namesake, Lake Sebago - I am leaning heavily towards joining them. Lake Sebago is just the nicest place for intensive practice of any sort. Calm, clean water, with a warm cabin nearby in case you get chilled.

I honestly can't remember my last "yoga-in-a-boat" session. There was one beautiful night that stands out in my mind - we had a new addition to the Rustbucket gang who'd never done rescue stuff, so we all pulled in down by Pier 40 & fell in the water, which was still warm. I did some rolling, Floating the Apple was out rowing around, we paddled back up north as the sun set - perfect summer night. Can't recall for sure but I suspect there may have been a post-paddle beer. Oh, boy, do I ever hope the DEC relents. I just can't imagine a summer in New York City without those post-work paddles.

Somehow can't remember doing much playing after that. There was one of those rainy spells - dreadful things happen to the Hudson during those rainy spells - and then I was sick sick sick for 2 weeks. I didn't do any rolling during my last paddle at the barge because it was a little chilly & I was just over that cold - plus I was by myself & having not rolled for a while, I decided to play it safe & not roll solo.

I did do a little bit of rolling on the first day at the Small Boat Shop's Demo Day, but it was just the tiniest bit too cool to really cut loose when my job was to sit in one area & keep an eye on novices. Plus I didn't have my Greenland paddle there. Rolling with a Euroblade just isn't as much fun - that's just rolling, it's rolling with the GP that lets you sloooooow down, that's where the whole kayak yoga thing happens...

With my folks in town for the last 3 weekends, there hasn't been time to paddle...

Ever feel like even though you know you know how to do something, you haven't done it for so long that maybe you won't remember how?

Just getting in a boat and running through as many different rolls I can sounds like heaven.

Although I'm going to be stiff. I just can't imagine things working really smoothly after a hiatus of more than a month.

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