Monday, October 09, 2006

A few pictures from Mystic, CT

Final leg of the Family Visit Saga of 2006 - a trip up to Mystic, CT. We thought we'd spend a couple of hours at Mystic Seaport, then go have dinner with some old friends of the family from submarine days, then head down for a paddle with TQ on Sunday...

Well, I haven't been to Mystic Seaport since I was somewhere around 4. Obviously my folks have some clearer recollections of the place as it was at the time - I just have the vaguest images of going on a really big boat with masts - but it turns out that they've improved the place a bit since the early 70's. A LOT.

And the weather was just perfect, and the visiting with friends was lovely, and the tickets to the seaport turned out to be good for 2 days - so no paddling this weekend. But lots of fun.

Here are just a few pictures - more to come, probably in a buzznet gallery -

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