Thursday, October 05, 2006

CB4 - unanimously in favor of letting paddlers paddle!

OK, in the unlikely event anyone was holding their breath over the outcome of tonight's CB4's OK, you can breathe now!

It's past my bedtime but I couldn't wait to post to the Rustbucket list so I'll just copy some excerpts from that here. First, and explanatory notes - the meeting was a two-part event with, as I mentioned in the last post, 25 agenda items to be voted on. The first part was public - people could come & sign up to make a brief statement on any of the 25 items. I didn't leave work until about 6:50 instead of my planned 6:30 (was ALMOST done with a month-end close task & couldn't stand to leave those last few invoices sitting in the inbox, had to crunch through 'em) but I still got there in time for the bulk of the Pier 63-related public commentary. Once the public had all had their 2 minutes each to speak, the board meeting itself started. Most people who weren't actually on the board left. Non-board types were allowed to stay & listen but of course couldn't vote & couldn't comment (that's what the "public" part of the meeting was for, after all) and then the board started working through the agenda 1 item at a time, with a fair amount of discussion about each one followed by a vote. :

I stuck around, wanted to hear the results as well as the community testimony (got there JUST in time for the latter, I was VERY happy with my timing).

The board voted unanimously in favor of writing a letter saying that the community supports paddlers being able to continue paddling out of the barge once it moves to 66a.


Furthermore, during the comment time, one of the board members raised his hand &
added something to the effect that with all this going on now, and the obvious popularity of kayaking, various organizations should be encouraged to develop more storage (not just for kayaks, but sailing & rowing & stuff) because demand is obviously going to increase in the future & with all these miles of coastline, it makes sense to plan for it.

That's the extent of my report 'cause that's about how painless it was.

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