Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Getting Ready for Winter Paddling - Cold Water Programs at Hudson River outfitters.

Here's fellow Rustbucketer TH getting ready for last year's New Year's Day paddle at the late and EXTREMELY lamented Pier 63 (although as I mentioned yesterday, I'm hoping for a glorious resurrection at Pier 66A...DEC, hear our prayer...). This year, I'll probably be joining the Sebago Frostbite Regatta. Actually that always sounded like fun - Jamaica Bay is lovely in the winter, although I will have to do my New Year's Day roll way way way away from the dock, which is an inlet where there's yep a sewage treatment plant...ugh, the things we do with our crap...

anyways. No, I'm not warming up to an environmental rant, here.

I'm just doing a quick lunchtime post to share something that I just got over NYCKayaker. I've heard very good things about this workshop. Won't be attending myself, as I mentioned yesterday Saturday simply HAS to involve an actual kayak, but if you are an NYC-area paddler & haven't been to a cold water presentation, I can't recommend doing so strongly enough. Of course the worst time of year is in the Spring, when unwary people decide to go for a paddle on the first warm day & find out the tragic way that the air may be singing songs of May, but water's still all full of January...

anyways - this one's on Saturday here in town at Pier 40 (Hudson River at Houston) -

Here's the detail on Randy's -

New York Kayak Company is presenting a free Cold Water Paddling
Workshop in the classroom next to our store on the south side of Pier
40 Saturday morning at 11:00 AM. If you intend to continue paddling as
the air and water temperatures drop, or if you hope to get an early
start in the spring, please join us for information that will enhance
your comfort and safety.

Bellevue ER physician Dr. Kaidi Fullerton will present a talk on cold
water immersion and hypothermia. Nick Dyslin from Kokatat will discuss
kayak clothing for all temperatures. (Nick is also the rep for Lendal
paddles and will be available to discuss paddle styles and sizing - he
will have the new Pad-lock Wing paddles with him.) I will give a short
talk on risk management for cold water paddlers. Participants with then
have an opportunity to demo a drysuit IN THE WATER! If you have any
questions or concerns about how to identify the hazards posed by
off-season paddling and how to manage the risks that they pose - please
join us for this very popular event.

Hope to see you!


New York Kayak Company, Inc.
Pier 40, South Side, New York NY 10014
212-924-1327 800-KAYAK-99


For non-city-folks, Atlantic Kayak Tours does one up at the Annesville Creek Paddlesports Center in November - that one's with Chuck Sutherland, the guy who maintains one of my personal hands-down favorite cold-water boating sites (AKT's got some info on their site too).

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