Friday, October 06, 2006

Old fart moment.

Frogma will now take a break from our usually scheduled boring kayakpolitical reports while the amphibian-in-charge vents for a second.

OK, you know the comments? I use Haloscan. I LOVE Haloscan. For starters, it's my favorite price - free. Like blogger itself. The installation was simple enough that even a complete html doofus like me could do it - copy text A, paste in slot B, vi-ola! I have hardly gotten any comment spam since I set it up oh way back when. The one or two pieces of spam I have gotten (like that one selling motorboats, hello did you even read my blog?)I've deleted, banned the posters & haven't gotten repeats. Plus you can give your comment-number thingy cute little descriptions like "High Water at the Battery". All good stuff.

But I am getting really really REALLY tired of signing on to see if anyone's said anything and seeing this picture in the sponsor (aka "advertiser") area:

Paired with the unnaccountably annoying quote "Bringing the laughy-laughs".

Laughy-laughs and a cleavage shot, and that's considered good advertising? Yeesh. You'd think this Interweb thingy was entirely populated by zitfaced thirteen to sixteen year old boys or something.

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