Monday, October 30, 2006

What the...

Seems like Hudson River Park paddlers just can't win these days...

No news of new developments on the Pier 63 front in the 5 days I've been incommunicado in western PA, either.

Sadly the drysuit (not to mention the boats that TQ went to all the trouble to bring) didn't get used. We're not exactly what you'd call fair-weather paddlers but alluring though the prospect of paddling through one of the US's rare remaining old-growth hardwood forests was, we made a no-go decision. Good call too, Saturday (the planned paddling day) featured skeins of sleet racing through the air horizontally. We still made a feint at going for a hike, but in the end we wound up doing a couple of errands, picking up some groceries & a couple of DVD's & holing up back at his friend's place for the rest of the day.

We did get a few nice walks in, plus an evening at the Pittsburgh Symphony. Beethoven's Fifth! Funny, I've heard that so many times - who hasn't? - but honestly I don't ever remember actually hearing it played by a live orchestra. Makes such a difference. There's listening, and then there's listening. A live performance makes you pay attention to all the little details in a way that a CD never would.

Mostly we relaxed & enjoyed not having any deadlines. Seems that's what I've been needing more than anything.

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