Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Around Alone in Ten Foot Sailboats.

YAY! Edward at the EVK4 SuperBlog left the following comment - it was on his blog I'd seen the post about the solo circumnavigation race in 10 foot boats (like the one shown here, Nemesis).

" .... one of the competitors is the guy who was going to try to circumnavigate in an 8 foot boat that leaked. This one should be good."

I suppose that after a leaky 8 footer, a watertight 10 footer would feel downright roomy!

Just for frames of reference - my kayak is 16 feet. A Sunfish is 13 feet 9 inches.

That's pretty wild.

Should definitely be good. There are already 4 serious competitors signed up. The race itself isn't until 2009. That's good, because these racers are all apparently designing & building their own boats. Watching the building, training and other preparations will be interesting in and of itself.

Talk about pushing limits.

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