Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ISP woes...

5 calls last night re no ACT light/connection.

Call 1: Not taking calls at this time.

Call 2: Cut off while holding for tech.

Call 3: 1st level tech couldn't help, put me through to 2nd level tech who said "Tools are down, call back in an hour".

Call 4: 1st level tech put me through to 2nd level tech. 2nd level tech said his tools showed no interruption in my connectivity & that that usually meant something like the customer hadn't paid their phone bill (!!!). After that little lecture, he put me through to 3rd level, who began to work on m, put me on hold to check something, when I got cut off.

Call 5: Tech said he couldn't do a thing if I didn't have Total Access disc because Office 2000 is too obsolete. He said he was the most senior technician available. He's mailing me the disc, and if I'm in a hurry I should go to Best Buy & pick one up, and in the meantime I should stay in touch with my modem because the light might magically go back on. Sure. Well, it magically went off after well over a year of perfectly good service, so I suppose it could magically go back on - but I'm not holding my breath.

And this was after the original Call 1 on Friday night - that one, I had a 2nd level tech who seemed to know what he was doing, but I asked to stop at 1 am when I was falling asleep. Oh, had I only known, I would've stayed on the phone with him all night. He said he'd put me down for a call back Saturday. Never happened. Tried to get through Sunday, got the heavy call volume, please call back.

Not very impressed with Earthlink right now, I gotta say.

So, blogging may continue to be sparse. Although at this point I'm ready to hook the dialup back up. I don't have a lot of yer newfangled toys - no T.V. (ok, so that's not so newfangled), no ipod, no cell phone, no Crackberry - but (everybody over a certain age, sing along now!) Mama, don't take my Internet, Mama don't take my internet, Mama don't take my internet away!

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