Thursday, August 09, 2007

Meanwhile, a couple of blocks away -

Tornado? What tornado?

I took that this morning on my way to work. I walked to the Church Avenue station out of curiousity.

This was about the extent of the storm damage that I saw on the route that I happened to walk.

But I got to work, and a co-worker of mine who lives in my neighborhood stopped by my desk with a story of being abruptly & alarmingly awakened in the middle of the night last night by his whole building shaking. Seems a tree had made it through the tornado, but been severely weakened & finally crashed down on the building's garage.

Tornados are weird. The midwest can keep them, ok?

I emailed my friend who got me into Irish music this morning - her whole family has some deep deep Brooklyn Irish roots. All I said was, "If I wanted tornadoes, I'd live in Kansas. Know what I mean?"

She emailed me back:

"I do know what you mean! Tornadoes in Brooklyn are like pizza in Galway - just not good!"

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