Thursday, August 09, 2007

Garden's fine! Productive, even!

I'd hoped to paddle tonight, I seem to be getting into a nice habit of paddling on Thursday nights. It didn't happen because I was enough of a nitwit to stick my head into my boss's office at 5:15, when I was thinking I'd gotten enough done to make it "pau hana time", and ask if she or her boss (my old boss, who I still do a fair amount of work for, and who she was meeting with at 5:15) were going to need anything else. What a maroon, what an oxymoron, of course the answer was yes. No paddling tonight.

But I did head on out to the club because I wanted to see how the garden was doing after the storm.

It weathered the storm fine.

The biggest problem that I had to attend to was that I hadn't managed to get out there since last Saturday, I guess it was. There were a number of cukes that were still a little small, I figured they'd be ready in a day or two. Well, they were, but that was Tuesday, and they KEPT GROWING, and they were so heavy they were pulling down their trellises!

One way to fix that!

And as you can see, the cherry tomato & basil have been liking the weather, too!

Fortunately TQ and I decided we should be good kids & have dinner with his folks this weekend instead of being all antisocial & running off by ourselves like we usually do. TQ will probably grill something (oh boy) and I offered to bring some of my homegrown salad.

That should take care of, oh, one of those.

Here is another interesting use for cucumbers.

But based on a recommendation on the same blog, I won't bother trying to make quiche out of my cuke bonanza!

I am sort of sorry right now that I have somehow never developed a taste for dill pickles (that was another suggestion Pandabonium had for excess cuke use). I only like sweet pickles. I wonder if those are hard to make.

Actually I'm pretty excited about the weekend - I'm going up to CT on Saturday because I have to meet Cheri & Turner at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday at the parking lot of The Small Boat Shop.

I'm joining them for the Sunday Greenland workshop - but this time, with a different approach.

I'm expecting to learn a lot.

It's going to be cool.

More tomorrow, maybe. Although there was a paddle I didn't get to go for tonight - that could very, very easily pre-empt home computer time!

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